Sunday, June 2, 2013

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit ~ Why Wear Them?

It is fact that pain is beauty and to be beautiful... sometimes women need to experience just a little bit of pain... however, when it comes to wearing heels I believe that comfort is most important and I don't agree at all with the pain to be beautiful analogy.  Everyone that knows me knows that I do love a beautiful pair of high heel shoes... but not when it comes with a high price that could damage your feet forever.  These days women from all shapes, sizes and ages are put in some daring situations especially when it comes to the high heel shoes that they are selecting and wearing.  Some, feel the need to wear them regardless of the appearance and it is bringing up some very serious conversations.  Wearing high heel shoes is not meant to be a comedy show that has people rolling on the floor laughing... but some of these looks that are out there walking the streets and red carpet... even I couldn't resist laughing.

High Heel Shoe Wearing 101:  When it comes to selecting high heel shoes... know your feet and know the best style preference for you.  Not all high heel shoes work with the shape of every ladies foot and some designer shoes just need to be left right where you found them.... ON THE SHELF!

Take a look at some of these courageous ladies who insist on wearing heels regardless of how silly it makes them look in them... use this as a guide for you to know what NOT TO DO the next time you make your next shoe purchase or decide to wear heels that are too small in public.

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