Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fabulous Boots & Winter Fashion Ideas

Sometimes the weather can bring us to a point where we are questioning our outfit and second guessing our shoes.  But honestly, cold weather does not mean you can't still be stylish in your shoe fashion and pair it with a fabulous outfit.  Tis the season to change up your shoe style and put those peep toe heels away for the winter and buy yourself some comfortable and fabulous boots.  There are all types of boots out there in assorted shapes, sizes, colors, styles and more.  Right now the thigh high boots are popular as well as the knee high boots which come in wedge as well as the high heel design.  Peep toe booties also continue to be a hot item... having a selection of all sorts of materials and fabrics that best meet the climate where you currently reside. Consider the outfit that you will be wearing the boots and if it compliments the boots that you have selected ~ It does not matter what the weather is outside... there is always a pair of fabulous boot fashion that will meet your every purpose, need and weather condition.  So here's to you and you being fabulous each and every season and some great looks for you to consider...

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Christian Louboutin has taken the word "Nude" to a new level.  It is no secret that women love to wear hosiery that are nude in color... enhancing the look of their legs as they walk in their high heel shoes. Nude works for so many things and goes with so many dresses and outfits and the purchase of nude hosiery is common and a given.  In the same token, Christian Louboutin did his homework and examined the nude look and has decided to come up with yet another remarkable creation.  In my opinion, his creation of the nude shoe is fabulous.  We are all very familiar with the natural color shoe, or the beige shoe but Christian Louboutin wanted to recognize that there are women that are all shades and that one nude shoe for one woman is not the same for another... with that being said, he has created a nude shoe that comes in many skin tone the lady that wears them a more natural look and now that's a remarkable idea and certainly something that will get an even bigger draw.  The increasing interest in high heel shoe fashion and one that is natural which not only appeals to women of all shades but it too appeals to those of all ages too which is a great idea.  What makes it even more great is the fact that he recognizes that natural means something different to every woman.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Original or Carbon Copy?

It is fact that some carbon copies these days can come very close to the original.  In some cases the carbon copy can look a little better.  If you're a shoe wearer and you have a specific look that you're going for... sometimes the carbon copy will do just fine.  The only big difference is the price.  It is fact that carbon copies sometimes get much more attention because they are not only good looking but they are also much less in price than the original.

Let's take a look at my favorite designer Christian Louboutin for example.... he creates some of the most fabulous designer shoes that are worn today by celebrities and the elite crowed... however, the average person could not afford his shoes.  Does this mean they do not like the designer?  Well of course not... even the average person loves to follow celebrity trends and see what is trending in fashion and styles today.. but you would be fooling yourself to even think that you can even afford those fashionable brand prices... some of them are more then a house payment; or two house payments for that matter.  Would you skip paying your mortgage for a pair of hot heels?  Well some might but the wise person would absolutely not do this.

So how do you get the designer look without paying the designer prices?  Some simply purchase the carbon copy.  Keep in mind that if you are a frequent high heel shoe wearer and an authentic lover of high heel shoes... it's not about money or status.  It's about quality and the look that you are going for and some carbon copies can deliver that.

Now when I say carbon copy... I am not talking about buying shoes from people who are pretending to sell you the actual designer shoe for a lesser price.  That is illegal and I do not recommend anyone support this kind of action.  We all know that there are huge copyright infringement and laws against these types of organizations and the FBI is shutting those places down for very good reason.  Mostly to protect the consumer like us... but most importantly to protect the designer who owns rights to their shoe designs.

Now the places that I am referring to are strictly copies that are obviously not the original but come very close.  These carbon copies governed by certain laws when it comes to re-creating a designer shoe and can't take very important designer specific things like Christian Louboutin's signature "Red Bottom" and the specific color and or materials that are used to make the shoe distinctive.  They only copy patterns and or style such as a wedge heels, platform heel or a high heel... which are rights that everyone has.  Certain patterns like animal print and or colors are also rights that anyone can have when designing a shoe and are not designer specific because almost every shoe designer has designed a shoe with snake skin or animal print on them.

It is also important to know that the carbon copy would need to remain nameless and to put a name on a shoe that is not that designers shoe is illegal.  So beware when you are making shoe purchases and know that there are these types of fakes out there that are insulting the designer and you as a consumer because they are pretending to be something that they are not.

As you follow my blogs and began to educate yourself more about shoe fashion, you will understand some very specific things about the nature of shoes that are very important.  You will be able to wear your high heels with a lot of integrity and you will realize how much fun shoe shopping can really be.

Let me show you some examples of the real and legal carbon copies.... however these carbon copies are no name shoes and are not trying to insult the designer by adding their name to it.  They look almost identical but they are obviously very different.  In the below example.... I like the carbon copy better because the carbon copy has more Zebra stripes and are more colorful which in my opinion should be the main focus for a colorful and fun shoe like this.  Now I am not insulting the designer because I love him and his designs but I am very picky about my looks when I put on a pair of shoes and this shoe screams playful to me.  (see below)

The real Christian Louboutin "Triboclou" Zibra print bootie cost point is approximately $2,000

Carbon copy "Multi Color Zibra Print" Bootie from buy this shoe for $60.00 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two Can Play That Game...

Like the game of sports… high heels can at times be risky for the lady who is up on her shoe game.  Wearing them has got many people asking… why even wear them at all?  Just like the game of sports… some can play the game well, some can play the game poor and then there are those that just need to sit on the side lines and watch.  Trust me some of those same sports rules apply to women that wear high heel shoes.  You have to be the right body mass in order to wear certain styles of high heels and your feet need to be the right proportion in order to wear a killer pair of high heel shoes and I do mean that literally.  You will kill them when you wear them or kill your entire vibe from the look or the injury involved if you fall wearing them.  Either way there is risk.

Statistics say that wearing high heels does have some benefits.  It helps the calf muscle in your legs by creating stronger, elongated and sexier looking legs and posture over time.  However, the down side of this is what it does to your feet if you’re not walking properly in your heels or taking the necessary precautions to protect your feet.  Those precautions are giving your shoes some extra insole cushions if you are wearing them more then 4 to 8 hours in a day.  Adding some rubber stoppers to the bottom of your shoes will prevent yourself from falling or slipping un-expectantly.  Wearing shoes that fit the shape of your feet instead of cramming a wide foot in a pointy toe shoe…. Now how ridiculous is that?!  Well, some women do it.  All of these things must be taken into consideration when wearing high heels for a much healthier and sexier you… playing the game right can allow you the opportunity to have healthy and beautiful feet when you wear your high heels and when you are not wearing them.  There are so many tricks out there to wearing high heels… you can actually enjoy wearing a pair of high heel shoes at any age as long as you select the right shoe design and the right height.  For daily shoe fashion information and updates “Like” my Facebook page at:

Monday, July 15, 2013

High Heels You Can Pheel....

Just the other day I was looking at the enormous amount of shoes that are in my shoe closet and I said to myself... I absolutely love every single pair and if I were to take a trip... How in the world could I fit them all in my luggage?  Just as I was thinking this thought I happen to look at my email just a few days later and there it was... an email that would change my life forever!  This email came from a company called "High Pheels" and they wanted me to review one of their new shoe products.

What Is High Pheels you ask?  I have learned that High Pheels is a very creative invention that allows you to wear the same pair of shoes more then one time but have the liberty to change out the outer face of the shoe design which gives the illusion that you are actually wearing a different pair of shoes.  This is very clever and no one will know that you are actually wearing the same shoe.  What a unique invention right?  When going to the High Pheels website I quickly learned that they had many designs and patterns to select from... this is every girls dream an interchangeable design shoe and best of all... the price is right.  Forget buying a brand new pair of shoes and paying high cost for them.... now you can switch things up a bit and get so much more for your money by spending a fraction of the cost on the High Pheel shoe designs.

Me holding a pair of my black shoes and adding High Pheels to it

 Before High Pheel 
Photo Credit:
 As you put High Pheels On
Photo Credit:

Completed High Pheel Look
Photo Credit:

Will I never buy another pair of shoes again?  Well not exactly... a girl that has a business that blogs about shoes just can't give up her shoe addiction that easy!  But I can tell you this... I will be adding High Pheels to my shoe closet because it certainly comes in handy when I am going away for business and simply when I need a new look.... and I am one that likes to change things up a bit.  So instead of taking 18 pairs of heels and paying the extra high cost for my extra luggage when I travel.  I can now take 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and bring along 18 or more pairs of High Pheels with me.

My future wish for High Pheels... would be to have a variety of High Pheels for various types of shoes. Right now High Pheels seems to only fit best with platform heels.. but a girl has to have her wedge, pumps and peep toe shoes too.  So eventually, I hope that High Pheels can accommodate these shoes styles as well. Wedges might be a tricky one but I am sure it will be the most fabulous as I can picture it now... two tone colors and patterns and designs on the wedge which may differ from the portion that actually covers the shoe.. now this would be amazingly fabulous.... wouldn't it??!!!  I am getting excited just thinking about the possibilities of this endless creation.  I must say, High Pheels does get an A for being one of the most economical creations out there... in my opinion whenever a shoe designer comes up with a design or style, they should always consider the economy which is always key in getting increased buyers and audiences interested in a new shoe fashion trend.  Overall I give this product a B+.  Purchase a pair and tell me your thoughts about High Pheels.... post your thoughts and suggestions on my Facebook Fan Page Wall.  Order and Check out more High Pheels at:   

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hot Heels At The 2013 BET Awards Show

The BET Awards tonight was nothing short of fabulous... I really enjoyed listening to some of the finest artist and seeing their performances... here are some pics of my favorite heels that were on the red carpet today and warn by Regina Hall, Brandy, Jordan Sparks and Adrienne Bailon.  Fabulous!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit ~ Why Wear Them?

It is fact that pain is beauty and to be beautiful... sometimes women need to experience just a little bit of pain... however, when it comes to wearing heels I believe that comfort is most important and I don't agree at all with the pain to be beautiful analogy.  Everyone that knows me knows that I do love a beautiful pair of high heel shoes... but not when it comes with a high price that could damage your feet forever.  These days women from all shapes, sizes and ages are put in some daring situations especially when it comes to the high heel shoes that they are selecting and wearing.  Some, feel the need to wear them regardless of the appearance and it is bringing up some very serious conversations.  Wearing high heel shoes is not meant to be a comedy show that has people rolling on the floor laughing... but some of these looks that are out there walking the streets and red carpet... even I couldn't resist laughing.

High Heel Shoe Wearing 101:  When it comes to selecting high heel shoes... know your feet and know the best style preference for you.  Not all high heel shoes work with the shape of every ladies foot and some designer shoes just need to be left right where you found them.... ON THE SHELF!

Take a look at some of these courageous ladies who insist on wearing heels regardless of how silly it makes them look in them... use this as a guide for you to know what NOT TO DO the next time you make your next shoe purchase or decide to wear heels that are too small in public.