Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two Can Play That Game...

Like the game of sports… high heels can at times be risky for the lady who is up on her shoe game.  Wearing them has got many people asking… why even wear them at all?  Just like the game of sports… some can play the game well, some can play the game poor and then there are those that just need to sit on the side lines and watch.  Trust me some of those same sports rules apply to women that wear high heel shoes.  You have to be the right body mass in order to wear certain styles of high heels and your feet need to be the right proportion in order to wear a killer pair of high heel shoes and I do mean that literally.  You will kill them when you wear them or kill your entire vibe from the look or the injury involved if you fall wearing them.  Either way there is risk.

Statistics say that wearing high heels does have some benefits.  It helps the calf muscle in your legs by creating stronger, elongated and sexier looking legs and posture over time.  However, the down side of this is what it does to your feet if you’re not walking properly in your heels or taking the necessary precautions to protect your feet.  Those precautions are giving your shoes some extra insole cushions if you are wearing them more then 4 to 8 hours in a day.  Adding some rubber stoppers to the bottom of your shoes will prevent yourself from falling or slipping un-expectantly.  Wearing shoes that fit the shape of your feet instead of cramming a wide foot in a pointy toe shoe…. Now how ridiculous is that?!  Well, some women do it.  All of these things must be taken into consideration when wearing high heels for a much healthier and sexier you… playing the game right can allow you the opportunity to have healthy and beautiful feet when you wear your high heels and when you are not wearing them.  There are so many tricks out there to wearing high heels… you can actually enjoy wearing a pair of high heel shoes at any age as long as you select the right shoe design and the right height.  For daily shoe fashion information and updates “Like” my Facebook page at: