Monday, July 15, 2013

High Heels You Can Pheel....

Just the other day I was looking at the enormous amount of shoes that are in my shoe closet and I said to myself... I absolutely love every single pair and if I were to take a trip... How in the world could I fit them all in my luggage?  Just as I was thinking this thought I happen to look at my email just a few days later and there it was... an email that would change my life forever!  This email came from a company called "High Pheels" and they wanted me to review one of their new shoe products.

What Is High Pheels you ask?  I have learned that High Pheels is a very creative invention that allows you to wear the same pair of shoes more then one time but have the liberty to change out the outer face of the shoe design which gives the illusion that you are actually wearing a different pair of shoes.  This is very clever and no one will know that you are actually wearing the same shoe.  What a unique invention right?  When going to the High Pheels website I quickly learned that they had many designs and patterns to select from... this is every girls dream an interchangeable design shoe and best of all... the price is right.  Forget buying a brand new pair of shoes and paying high cost for them.... now you can switch things up a bit and get so much more for your money by spending a fraction of the cost on the High Pheel shoe designs.

Me holding a pair of my black shoes and adding High Pheels to it

 Before High Pheel 
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 As you put High Pheels On
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Completed High Pheel Look
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Will I never buy another pair of shoes again?  Well not exactly... a girl that has a business that blogs about shoes just can't give up her shoe addiction that easy!  But I can tell you this... I will be adding High Pheels to my shoe closet because it certainly comes in handy when I am going away for business and simply when I need a new look.... and I am one that likes to change things up a bit.  So instead of taking 18 pairs of heels and paying the extra high cost for my extra luggage when I travel.  I can now take 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and bring along 18 or more pairs of High Pheels with me.

My future wish for High Pheels... would be to have a variety of High Pheels for various types of shoes. Right now High Pheels seems to only fit best with platform heels.. but a girl has to have her wedge, pumps and peep toe shoes too.  So eventually, I hope that High Pheels can accommodate these shoes styles as well. Wedges might be a tricky one but I am sure it will be the most fabulous as I can picture it now... two tone colors and patterns and designs on the wedge which may differ from the portion that actually covers the shoe.. now this would be amazingly fabulous.... wouldn't it??!!!  I am getting excited just thinking about the possibilities of this endless creation.  I must say, High Pheels does get an A for being one of the most economical creations out there... in my opinion whenever a shoe designer comes up with a design or style, they should always consider the economy which is always key in getting increased buyers and audiences interested in a new shoe fashion trend.  Overall I give this product a B+.  Purchase a pair and tell me your thoughts about High Pheels.... post your thoughts and suggestions on my Facebook Fan Page Wall.  Order and Check out more High Pheels at:   

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