Sunday, October 13, 2013


Christian Louboutin has taken the word "Nude" to a new level.  It is no secret that women love to wear hosiery that are nude in color... enhancing the look of their legs as they walk in their high heel shoes. Nude works for so many things and goes with so many dresses and outfits and the purchase of nude hosiery is common and a given.  In the same token, Christian Louboutin did his homework and examined the nude look and has decided to come up with yet another remarkable creation.  In my opinion, his creation of the nude shoe is fabulous.  We are all very familiar with the natural color shoe, or the beige shoe but Christian Louboutin wanted to recognize that there are women that are all shades and that one nude shoe for one woman is not the same for another... with that being said, he has created a nude shoe that comes in many skin tone the lady that wears them a more natural look and now that's a remarkable idea and certainly something that will get an even bigger draw.  The increasing interest in high heel shoe fashion and one that is natural which not only appeals to women of all shades but it too appeals to those of all ages too which is a great idea.  What makes it even more great is the fact that he recognizes that natural means something different to every woman.

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